Embracing Change for A Sustainable Tomorrow


The transition to a more sustainable business is a continuous journey for Infinity Constructions. Our journey aims to provide a positive impact to the environment, our people, our clients, our suppliers, and the communities we operate.

Our approach to this migration has been by adopting a holistic framework to address environmental, social, economic, community and governance aspects of sustainability.


Well-defined governance structures and processes that promote transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct are all high importance to our business. Infinity Constructions prioritie governance and financial stability in all aspects of its operations.

Recently, we received a 4-star gold ICIRT rating from Equifax an independent body undertaking the rating for the NSW building commissioner. This tool provides our clients and their financiers with confidence of a reliable outcome with low level of risk.


“The iCIRT rating tool pulls together thousands of data points to understand the character, capability, capital, and other vital aspects of each building professional and their projects. A robust data-driven assessment connects the dots within ownership structures, associated parties, and key trading partners, leveraging a wide range of commercial, financial, legal, regulatory, government and other data sources” according to Equifax.


What is iCIRT?2023-11-21T10:51:04+11:00

It is an Independent Construction Industry Rating Tool (iCIRT). This is an industry-led market surveillance tool using a star-rating methodology to allow clients to choose their building professional with confidence.

iCIRT, was developed to provide a way to select top-rated professionals based on unbiased and independent information about their capability, integrity, and reputation.

iCIRT gives building professional a rating of between 0 and 5 stars. The more stars, the more confidence you can have with your building professional.

Why was iCIRT established?2023-11-21T10:51:32+11:00

iCIRT was established to help build confidence in the construction industry and much needed transparency and visibility of operators.

Whose Initiative was the iCIRT Program?2023-11-21T10:52:19+11:00

Created by Equifax, iCIRT is an Independent Construction Industry Rating Tool to assess development and construction professionals and their projects.

The digital rating tool is a new initiative driven by the NSW Building Commissioner to improve transparency within the building industry. The improved visibility forms part of the NSW Governments multi-pillar reform program to restore confidence in the building industry.

How Does iCIRT work?2024-04-11T14:54:27+10:00

iCIRT gives development and construction professionals a rating between zero and five stars to help identify building professionals with a proven track record. Building professionals undergo an independent rigorous review process that analyses the company’s data along with the quality of their developments across six core categories:

  1. Character
  2. Capability
  3. Conduct
  4. Capacity
  5. Capital
  6. Counterparties

Information from a company is gathered from thousands of data points and then reviewed across these six categories to form an iCIRT rating.

“A robust data-driven assessment connects the dots within ownership structures, associated parties and key trading partners, leveraging a wide range of commercial, financial, legal, regulatory, government and other data sources” according to Equifax.

Alongside the building professional’s iCIRT rating will be a gold, silver or bronze star indicator. This indicates the degree of information the developer or construction professional provided to Equifax. Limited consent will be flagged as ‘Bronze’, while full consent will be ‘Gold’.

Infinity Constructions recently received a 4.2 star Gold iCIRT rating from Equifax.

A rating of 4 stars is defined by Equifax as being “Gold Standard where our clients can have high confidence of a reliable outcome with a low level of risk”.

For our clients outside of NSW, this rating is of equal significance in your State as it indicates the strength and stability of Infinity no matter where we build.

Who does ICIRT apply to?2023-11-21T10:53:28+11:00

iCIRT is currently a voluntary certification program, however, may become mandatory. Currently, iCIRT rates only applies to builders, developers, and certifiers of class 2 buildings it is likely that the program will be expanded into other residential developments.

Can Infinity 4.2 Star Gold star iCIRT rating change?2024-04-11T14:53:38+10:00

Yes, iCIRT star ratings are an annual assessment.


The inherent risks associated with construction industry is why we have always placed so much attention on governance and economic stability.

Infinity Constructions has been in operation over 30+ years. Our approach to growth has been always considered and careful. We are selective with our choice of partner and the projects and sectors we operate.

We are a financially disciplined and operate in an open transparent and ethical manner with our clients. We are passionate about delivering quality structures for our clients on time and budget.


Our approach to Design and Project Management is always ensure we achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Our ethos is to always provide the greatest value and service for our clients in terms of revenue, project costs and risks.

Our approach to risk management is comprehensive and structured including identifying all potential risks, assessing these risks through our supply chains, prioritisig the risks, risk mitigation, risk monitoring, contingency planning, and stakeholder management.


Infinity Constructions promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. Although there is always more improvement, we currently, have 60% women in middle management in our business. We continue to focus our attention on recruiting more women into construction and have made good progress in a number of areas eg. Contract Administrators (CAs)

Infinity Constructions has also begun meaningful consultation and collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders. This will continue to develop and grow in future years.


This works hand in hand with our fully Integrated Management Systems, including our Environmental Manage System ISO 14001:2015 program.

Infinity Constructions has also aligned itself with two leading industry bodies NABERS and GBCA Green Star programs. We continue to commit to Green Star Professional training of key staff. Our most recent sustainability project experience includes Scape Lincoln Square Student Accommodation in Melbourne which was awarded a 5 Star rating in February 2023.

We continue to explore opportunities to using sustainable products and practices into our operations. Including the use low carbon products where possible for our clients. eg. Punchbowl Mosque used Boral Envisia®. Other initiatives include recycle management programs.

Nabers and Green Star Rating


Infinity have been involved a variety of community programs over the years including over a decade long relationship with Variety Australia and RU Okay.

Variety RUOK International Women's Day
Community Engagement