It was a great honour for all those attendees to be involved in yesterday’s smoking ceremony at Infinity’s new Kingsgrove Connect project.

Gumaroy Newman and Dave Barnett were welcomed to our site to perform a Smoking Ceremony, Didgeridoo, and a dance performance.

A smoking ceremony is an ancient custom performed by our First National people that involves smouldering carefully selected native leaves and plants. The herbal smoke according to tradition has a cleansing property and ability to ward of bad spirits from the people and the land.

The smoking ceremony part involved Dave moving around all attendees with smoking native leaves.

We were also entertained by their amazing didgeridoo and dance performances. This started with Gumaroy completing a solo didgeridoo performance and was followed up with Gumaroy on the sticks and Dave completing several indigenous dances; including the kangaroo dance.

It was a privilege to watch and be involved in the ceremony.

We look forward to providing progress update reports on Kingsgrove connect project in coming months.

Photography by Ben Guthrie