As part of the commencement of One Chalmers construction; Gumaroy Newman and Rowena Jarrett-Welsh were welcomed to our site to perform a Smoking Ceremony and Didgeridoo performance. Rowena is part of the Eora nation and explained during the smoking ceremony its importance and connection to Eora people and the land.

A smoking ceremony is an ancient custom performed by our First National people that involves smouldering carefully selected native leaves and plants. The herbal smoke according to tradition has a cleansing property and ability to ward of bad spirits from the people and the land.

The ceremony allowed representatives from Infinity Constructions, Abadeen Group, Marshall Investments Pty Ltd, Rothelowman, Northrop Consulting Engineers and NAB to pay our respects to past, current, and future elders of the land. Also, to learn about the Eora people’s strong connection to the Country on which this new project site resides.

It was a privilege to watch and be involved with the smoking ceremony by all who attended.

Photography by Ben Guthrie