Waitan Hotel - Sydney


A high-end Chinese restaurant at 405 Sussex Street for Chinese client Wai Tan Group.

This $5m restaurant development was a two-level food and drink venue. The second floor was designed as fine dining and included 10 private dining rooms complete with karaoke machines, four VIP area and Sydney’s largest circular table spanning 5.2m and seating 32.

Undertaking this particularly fine dining restaurant included stringent 6-month delivery timeline. This was challenging due to location (Haymarket Chinatown) for material transportation and strict kitchen requirements including interfacing with chef specialist flown in from China to oversee oven and other equipment installations.

Infinity Constructions – Setting the Benchmark for Sydney Construction Companies

At Infinity Constructions, a leading Sydney construction company, we are proud to play a role in shaping the Sydney dining landscape by delivering exceptional results for restaurants of all styles and sizes.

The Waitan Hotel: A Case Study in High-End Restaurant Construction

The Waitan Hotel project serves as a prime example of Infinity Constructions’ expertise in high-end restaurant construction. This $5 million project transformed a space at 405 Sussex Street, Haymarket, into a captivating two-level Chinese restaurant for the Wai Tan Group.

Project Scope and Challenges

The Waitan Hotel presented a unique set of challenges for our team:

  • High-End Design: The vision for the restaurant called for a luxurious and sophisticated environment, featuring a fine-dining experience on the second floor. This included 10 private dining rooms with karaoke machines, four VIP areas, and a showpiece: Sydney’s largest circular table, spanning a remarkable 5.2 meters and seating 32 guests.
  • Strict Timeline: Meeting the client’s ambitious 6-month deadline was paramount. With a bustling location in Haymarket Chinatown, navigating material transportation through the area’s narrow streets presented logistical hurdles.
  • Specialized Kitchen Requirements: The project demanded meticulous attention to detail, particularly regarding the kitchen. Interfacing with a specialist chef flown in from China to oversee the installation of ovens and other high-end equipment was crucial for ensuring functionality and adherence to specific culinary standards.

Infinity Constructions’ Approach to Success

At Infinity Constructions, we are committed to overcoming challenges and delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients. As we set the benchmark for Sydney construction companies, here’s how we tackled the complexities of the Waitan Hotel project:

  • Collaborative Planning: From the outset, we fostered a collaborative partnership with the client, Meng Group, and the architect, Akin Atelier. This open communication ensured a clear understanding of the project vision and facilitated efficient problem-solving throughout the construction process.
  • Logistic Expertise: Our team meticulously planned material deliveries, factoring in Haymarket’s unique layout and traffic patterns. This proactive approach minimized disruptions and ensured materials arrived on site when needed.
  • Experience with High-End Finishes: Infinity Constructions possesses extensive experience working with high-quality materials and intricate design details. We assembled a skilled team of tradespeople who meticulously brought the architect’s vision to life, creating a luxurious and sophisticated environment for the Waitan Hotel.
  • Specialized Subcontractors: To ensure the kitchen met the client’s specific needs and adhered to Chinese culinary standards, we partnered with specialized subcontractors for oven and equipment installation. Our close collaboration with the chef flown in from China guaranteed a kitchen that functioned flawlessly.
  • Quality Assurance: Throughout the construction process, Infinity Constructions maintained a rigorous focus on quality control. Regular inspections and meticulous attention to detail ensured the final product met the highest standards, reflecting the prestige of the Waitan Hotel brand.

Results and Client Satisfaction

Through meticulous planning, proactive problem-solving, and a commitment to quality, Infinity Constructions successfully completed the Waitan Hotel project within the tight deadline and budget.

The final product is a testament to our expertise in high-end restaurant construction. The Waitan Hotel boasts a luxurious and sophisticated environment, featuring two distinct culinary experiences. The fine-dining level provides an intimate setting for private gatherings and special occasions, while the first level offers a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

The client, Meng Group, expressed their satisfaction with the project: “We were very impressed with Infinity Constructions’ professionalism and ability to deliver a high-quality restaurant within a demanding timeframe. Their attention to detail and collaborative approach ensured a smooth construction process and a final result that exceeded our expectations.”

Infinity Constructions: Your Partner for Sydney Restaurant Construction

The Waitan Hotel project exemplifies Infinity Constructions’ dedication to set the lead for Sydney construction companies. We are a trusted partner for restaurants of all styles and sizes, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet your specific needs.