The Revy - Sydney


The REVY (The Royal Edward Victualling Yard) is a multi-award winning high-end residential development for Developer, Aqualand, and contains 44 apartments and a large complicated 3-level basement constructed in heavily water charged ground which was mostly rubble and fill from when the island was connected to the mainland in 1839. The shoring system was extremely complex and Infinity developed an innovative design to construct whilst maintaining the structural integrity of the clusters of timber piles upon which the 8-storey REVY building was founded.

The building also comprised extensive face brickwork and curtain wall glazing systems to the pair of feature lift cores. The project was a large D&C contract where Infinity inherited the consultant team through a novation agreement under the contract. Building Code and Home Building Act compliance presented many constraints especially given the heritage criteria to which Infinity had to adhere.

The basement was extremely complicated, and the tendered design was found to be unfeasible after exploratory pits were excavated and more geotechnical information was obtained. Infinity managed the change process within the tendered sum and improved the performance of the basement simultaneously. A complex internal bracing system was designed to avoid costly anchors in Property NSW foreshore land.

Photography: Ben Guthrie

The design and construction of the lift cores which are external to the building was another challenge. These two external cores were tied to the building and their main structural performance was to restrain the existing building and provide stability for code compliance. These cores are glazed with curtain wall glazing and contain complex service risers, lifts, egress stairs and are an architectural feature.

The project interiors were designed by Blainey North. The bathrooms and kitchen were completely clad in stone which was procured from Europe. Infinity managed the process of stone selection and testing for fitness for purpose.

The REVY by Aqualand was selected as a finalist out of 45 entries in the 2023 ULI Asia Pacific Awards for Excellence! Only three of which are Australian projects.

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At Infinity Constructions, we’re not afraid of a challenge. As a leading Sydney construction firm, we embrace complex projects and deliver exceptional outcomes. The REVY development stands as a testament to our expertise.

This multi-award-winning high-end residential project for Aqualand features 44 luxury apartments and a three-level basement constructed in historically significant, water-charged ground. Infinity Constructions developed innovative solutions to navigate intricate challenges, including:

  • Shoring a building on historic timber piles: We devised a strategy to ensure structural integrity while preserving the heritage elements.
  • Building a complex basement in challenging terrain: We redesigned the basement after encountering unforeseen ground conditions, keeping the project within budget and enhancing overall performance.
  • Designing architecturally striking lift cores: These external cores, featuring curtain wall glazing and intricate services, provide functionality while serving as a prominent design feature.

Why choose Infinity Constructions for your Sydney construction project?

  • Proven Expertise: We have a proven track record of successfully completing complex projects on time and within budget.
  • Innovative Solutions: We think outside the box to overcome challenges and achieve your project goals.
  • Commitment to Quality: We prioritize meticulous attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship.
  • Heritage Sensitivity: We understand the importance of historical preservation and work diligently to respect heritage elements.

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