One of our favourite things at Infinity Constructions is to deliver an amazing project for our Clients and that is no exception for Judith Neilson and her new Institute for Journalism and Ideas.

The project includes the adaptive reuse of the existing heritage building and the construction of a three storey extension.

It is starting to come to life with some beautiful finishes including;

  • Lecture room consisting of; a class 5 set curved ceiling, 12mm brass windows and 3.6 x 2.2m, high resolution LED Wall.
  • Installation of 12mm thick brass plate shopfront.
  • Floor to wall natural granite stone throughout bathrooms with the basins being produced from a single solid piece of granite, carved to suit.
  • Leve 2 and 3 joinery completed in American Oak veneer.
  • Installation of 25mm thick curved glazing on the south east corner of the building
  • Custom made Italian curved bricks to south and east façade.
  • Bespoke custom designed brass garage door, weighing a total of 1.3 ton
  • Combination of solid bronze plate and brass paneling to awning structure on corner of Myrtle and Abercrombie Street.
  • Heritage lift motor from original lift installed as a feature at the main entrance.

The building is one of a kind that will host events and provide journalists with a place to collaborate and participate in professional development initiatives and social gatherings.

The project is nearing completion and we can’t wait to share the finished product later this year.