We operate in a wide range of profitable sectors and services. 
The main sectors we operate in include: Commercial, Accommodation, Hospitality, Community, Industrial, Aged Care & Seniors Living, Residential/Build-to-Rent, Health & Education, Adaptive Reuse/Heritage and Retail.

Sydney & Melbourne Commercial Construction Firm

Welcome to Infinity Constructions, the epitome of excellence in commercial construction across Sydney and Melbourne. With over 30 years of unparalleled experience, we stand as a Tier 2 construction titan, renowned for our commitment to quality and client-centric ethos.

As a class-leading Sydney construction company, we are not merely builders; we are visionaries, weaving innovation into every blueprint and steel beam. Our portfolio boasts a plethora of multi-award-winning projects spanning the realms of Commercial, Hospitality, Industrial, and Residential construction, each a testament to our unwavering dedication to perfection.

With a 4-star Gold iCIRT rating, we are entrusted by an esteemed clientele ranging from High Net Worth Individuals to Government Departments, specializing in projects valued up to $150 million. From adaptive reuse ventures to cutting-edge student accommodations, we thrive on the diversity and intricacies of every challenge, transforming spaces into timeless landmarks. Explore our ICG OFSC Accreditation Certificate to discover our commitment to the Work Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme.

Fuelled by our core values of safety, accountability, sustainability, and trust, we forge ahead, setting new benchmarks in commercial construction excellence. Join us in sculpting the skyline of tomorrow, where every structure tells a story of innovation and integrity. Infinity Constructions Group: shaping cities, building dreams.